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Sigma Tau Chi Crest
Peter DeMarco

This election is about the future of our historic organization. I do not like talking about what I do it is all for the Organizations best interest.

I will have a hands-on approach with pledging, working with Joe the Pledgemaster verifying there is no undergrounding. This would sink our organization immediately and seems to always be an issue. Pledging with a traditional approach.

I implemented the first rental contract for in house brothers. Since that not one brother has skipped out on rent. I have the house equipped with a camera system currently 10 cameras with 16 capability at no cost. The kitchen has never looked better, I purchased the 2 stainless counters, and the active/pledges removed the old cabinets, counters.

Most recently I helped Ruggio on the South wall dance floor, removing every window and then helping reinstall them. The ceiling in the loft was no fun and I have removed rerouted many communication wires. I have posted many videos with positive response. The rooms throughout the house have furniture I donated through the years.

I held the offices of Pledgemaster F88, President and House President. Graduating from SUNY Oswego in 1990 with a BS in Business Administration. I have donated over the years to our ETX scholarship with a company match and a SUNY Oswego Green Donor. I established the Moon Mist scholarship which has been a success. I will work with the actives to try and acquire another faculty advisor. We have had an Active/Alumni meeting at least once a semester providing a meal for everyone attending and the pledges helping.

June 27th I will be retiring from Verizon as a FiOS technician after 33+ years on the job in Southern Westchester driving a bucket truck. I own and operate five older properties in lower Westchester. I have built a house from the ground up in Belize where my wife is from with a grocery store on the first floor named “The Price is Right”.

If elected there are many projects that need attention. Installing the door to our new steps, replacing the third-floor sink, and installing the columns being stored in the basement.

I am totally capable and qualified. I will work with everyone for the success of our organization. The future is bright, and I am proud of my contributions to our mansion on the lake.

It would be an honor to represent this celebrated organization. Thank You.

Peter B DeMarco 914.589.8280

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