Website Instructions

Welcome to the Sigma Tau Chi online community. This Site was created to provide a place for Alumni and Active members of the fraternity to stay in touch. A new addition to the site is online payments for alumni events, membership dues and online donations. To take full advantage of all the features of the Sigma Tau Chi community you must be a registered user.

Why should I register?
Registered Members Features:

My Profile

Members Directory by Name

Members by Pledge Year

Upload Pictures

My Profile: This feature will allow members to keep there own contact information updated. If a member should move all they need to do is long in and make the appropriate changes.

Members Directory by Name: Registered members will have access to a member database that is being added to daily with new members.

Members by Pledge Year: This feature will allow members to see other members in their era.


Upload Pictures: This allows a registered user to upload pictures to a common area.


How much is it to register?
There is no cost to register.

Who can register?
Only Sigma Tau Chi alumni and active members from Oswego State University may be registered members.

How do I register?
On the main screen you will see a log-in box click “Create an Account” You will then be brought to the registration screen fill in the necessary information and then click “Send Registration”. A email will be sent in which you have to click on the link within that email to activate and log-in and take advantage of the member benefits. Please include your name and pledge year and semester.

Enjoy the site and please send comments to
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