Sigma Tau Chi Job Network

Our alumni give students a better chance of job placement through connections after college. Face it, with the aggressive job market out there, sometimes who you know can be as important as what you know. By being an established organization for 60 years, we have a brotherhood all over the world in various fields of employment. Below are recent alumni and active members resume postings. Thanks again to all the alumni that have stepped up to offer our recent graduates employment.

Below is the list of recent Sigma Tau Members looking for employment. To view there resume click on the members name. If you would like your resume posted please email it to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

Gary Carroll - I pledged in F'03 and graduated in F'07. During my time in Oswego, I was a proud member of Sigma Tau Chi Fraternit, where I held numerous positions, including President in Sp'07. I live in NYC and I am looking for employment in any Business related field. I was recently layed off from my job due to cut backs, as well as a couple other million Americans.

Chris Cave - Chris has been a tremendous influence in helping us get this fraternity turned
around both in terms of attitude and respect for the house. He has served as officer in several capacities. I think he is a hard worker and ill be a success in any job opportunity you may have to offer.

Pat Moran - Pat has been a leader during his time in Sig Tau and also has played a very important role in the Sigma Tau Chi Alumni Association.His enthusiasm, hard work and leadership has helped keep the active members and Alumni working together.Pat would be a great addition to any company.If you can help him please do.

Adam Butler - Is a new alumni looking for work. Please see his resume by clicking on his name. Hope someone can help him out.

Michael DeMeo (new as of 12/5/2012) - has some good experience already - see his resume by clicking on his name.


Travis Anderson - posted 3/19/2013

Peter Billias (posted 7/14/2014), Spring '11, House President Sp '13 and Sp '14 during which I worked closely with Howard Botting.  I recently graduated in May with a Business Administration degree.  I live in the Buffalo, NY area and I am currently seeking employment in the financial industry.  I am open to other industries (manufacturing, management, sales, marketing) and also to relocation.  I was hoping to have my resume posted on the new and improved STCAA website.  I would greatly appreciate any help I can get.  


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